Monday, June 22, 2009

Continuing Education

This posting comes from Lancaster Theological Seminary where I am immersing myself in Emerging Church classes and culture. A full week - Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning - of thinking creatively about how to do church. Wondering what changes might be made in our traditional worship that would encourage more participation by the people who call me to see if we are what they seek.

It would be even better if I really knew what they want - to say different is to fall short of the needed vision. I understand they do not want church as usual and the do Jesus, God, Holy Spirit offered in 21st Century form. I feel that offering a Saturday evening worship as alternative gives us much leeway for that time and the group who attend.

This new church plant is a work in progress. I always need to be aware of what God is doing. Behold, I do a New Thing is more than just a catchy line or book title. Behold! I do a New Thing in the Endless Mountains where tradition is strong but there is a need for this new voice.

The venture in continuing education is not only time in class - it is the continuing education of Sharon as new church planter.

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