Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This morning I picked blueberries with several members of the congregation - we picked and talked, then went to breakfast and talked. the blueberries offered an excuse to create community and bond. Later this afternoon, I will go the neighbor's garden, pick as much lettuce as possible and take it to the food pantry in the morning. Create community. Two ways, each offering opportunity.

As I write, Judge Sotomayor is being questioned about the one thing that can be seen as divisive - her public identification with her community: Latina, female, member of the nontraditional workforce that generally defines women. Her community, her bonding, her identification. Luckily, people don't always hold my comments against me - even the public ones. I would not want a justice of the Supreme Court of this land to be selected without being vetted. I would only wish that more of her judicial (that is the official position) be publicly discussed. She has been on the bench for years and surely has been a force in the road our justice system has taken. Yet the focus of the hearings seems so narrow (I am 5 hours from DC - but viewed from Endless Mountains to the beltway, it is a very long way). Which of us leaves behind our heritage? She brings a viewpoint shaped by her communities. When I bond with congregation members or take food to the food pantry, I have my own baggage and issues: bonding with anyone when I am a transplant to this community is suspect. Fortunately, no one grills me on my intentions, what I meant to say, what I would say in the future.

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