Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spending time

This week, I am spending time in Hershey PA trying not to eat all the goodies that are found everywhere in this luxurious hotel. The reason for this time away is my attendance at a conference for pastor's for three days sponsored by the UCC. Next week, I go to the other side of the state and spend three days with the DOC in a more reflective setting. Both have worship services, both feature speakers, both have time to sleep late and go to bed early. The desserts at Hershey are better, but not better for my system.

My congregation benefits from my time away. This Sunday a one of our lay members who has applied for Seminary will preach while I lead the rest of worship. Then, the following Sunday, I will synthesize my learnings from these two conferences and have a wonderful, insightful message for the congregation. At least I my goal is to make the sermon aweinspiring. Being away gives me a fresh perspective so though it does cost money, it truly is worth my being here. I am not indulging in a chocolate massage - that would be too difficult to explain on the first Sunday of February .

Being gone is refreshing, but I do miss my cats and my congregation.

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