Friday, July 16, 2010

Loose ends

What is more important – sermon for Sunday or the blog that I was to have written three days ago? Right now, the blog.

Tuesday was way too full to allow time for blogging. I started work at 7AM – got up 2 hours earlier to drink coffee, pray and meditate (maybe they are the same) and finished the day at 11:55 when I clicked send on one final email. O, I watched two hours of TV in between: White Collar and Covert Affairs. I had a meeting Mansfield that started the same time as the dream group, so I made the 24 mile round trip for a 30-minute conversation (well worth the effort) and the dream group let themselves in. They are always welcome.

Then, on Wednesday – just as busy, but differently. One difference: the Almost World Famous Wellsboro Town Band played at 7PM. By the time the concert was over, my thumb could not hold the clarinet one second longer. The music was almost all cut time with too many eights and sixteenths for my skill level. Here is the news: I did have a “solo” – at least that is what I am telling everyone. The next-to-the-last piece was from Phantom of the Opera (a medley of tunes) and I was the scream! You could hear me through the town green so I was loud enough and people loved it. None of the audience knew who screamed until I told them. Suits my “exhibitionist” leaning.

Thursday I hardly remember except working on Thursday evening at church where a community group showed a film on gas and oil drilling in the west. “Fracking” is a new word that is part of our vocabulary and we don’t like it. We also do not like “if you don’t sign a lease, we will just drill under you …” But still, the gas companies bring economic heath. Such a conundrum.

Finally, today, Friday I think about Sunday’s sermon. I am not one to just pull one out of the file, though perhaps I should. I will not resort to old thinking; I want the message to be fresh and mean something to those in the pews. I have a vision, but need a succinct statement for the point. All in the next three hours before I drive to Corning, then back for opening of Hamilton-Gibson’s 20th Anniversary Musical Gala!

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