Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home is wherever the cats reside

I am back from vacation – the full month (four Sundays) that are suggested by church folk who have been in the business awhile. It was exciting to preach last Sunday and I look forward to a month of busy activities. Vacations are not only time off, they, for me, are times of reflection and learning. Here is what I learned in August:

* I loved having the month off. It gave me time to visit my family and friends. We visited together as the ten-day time allowed, but there was not enough time for me to be sated.

* I had time when I returned home to visit my cousin who lives in New Jersey for a few days – we met in Lancaster PA and spent two nights in Amish country. I am reminded of how blessed I am as I think of how she oowed and awed over the cows..

* I had time to do work on my home that needed doing.

Two bests-of-all,

* After the second week, I was finally able to sleep all night.

* And, God can take care of this new church quite well without my help. Sometimes, I worry, which shows how weak my faith is.

There are a few drawbacks to this long vacation:

* It was really difficult to get through the year, generally working six days a week, without a period of restful time off.

* My family and friends in Colorado are getting on with their lives and in order not to lose touch, I need to be home more than once a year since Wellsboro PA is not, for them, a destination place. In addition to being physically present more often, I need to keep in touch better by phone and email.

Oh, something else I learned

* Don’t ever put your car keys in your checked bag thinking you will take them out before your return flight. If you forget to take them out of the checked bag you learn that checked bags don’t always arrive when the passenger does. Mine did not.

The biggest thing that I am taking away from this vacation is that I really need to have two days off each week; I need to take three-day weekends offered by holidays when possible; and I need friends who are single. Not necessarily men – though if you know a good one, do let me know – but women who want friendship and dinner and a movie on occasion. I am going to a movie tomorrow evening - that is a start.

I am glad to be home. Back in my own bed – the cats still talk to me - and sit on my lap a bunch more than when I left. The weather is fine. All is good in God’s world today.

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