Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Qucik Afterthought

On Tuesday I wrote about my changes. Today, I write about changes I think we should make.

In Florida, that preacher is asking people to come to the burning of the Q'uran - so he can celebrate his God's displeasure at a whole community of people.

It seems to me that he is the christian (I find it difficult to capitalize Christian in this context) equivalent of the hate he thinks was expressed on September 11 - when only a few zealots tried to harm our people and our country. So, condemning all Muslims with the same stroke of hatred puts him (in my opinion) into the zealot camp. A camp that condemns all for the deeds of few. Perhaps we could condemn all males because some abuse their children or all females because some abuse their children.

On Saturday, I am participating in a September 11 memorial service in Mansfield. I am the minister who is to give the Invocation - the welcome to this worship service. Then, I am to pray a Prayer of Remembrance. One only hopes the speaker in between these two speaks of those lost and hopes and dreams that were lost, but is not vitriolic and condemning of all Muslims because of the actions of a few.

Regardless of what is said in the middle, it appears that I have the last word!

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