Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am in the betwixt and between mode - eager to leave, sad to leave, hungry to start at St. Paul's and missing my friends here already. Celia has contacted a friend so that I have someone to talk to when I get to Rio Rancho and Judith and Ardys say that our friendships endure distance. I hope so. In the meantime, I do activities of daily living. Sermon is ready for tomorrow as are bulletins.

After a terrible winter, spring has been just as bad. We have had storms: A stained glass window at our church sustained damage in the tornado/high winds of Thursday evening but otherwise, the church is fine as are we all. On Wednesday evening, I cut my grass wearing my striped rain boots and was soaked when the grass was finally presentable. This is the season of cutting twice a week, so on Monday, I will cut again. I am reminded to give thanks that my basement has not flooded. Our local farmers are worried as they are unable to plant in the squishy ground. Even though we have much rain, Wellsboro has issued a boil order for our water once again because the filtering system is inadequate and outdated and outmoded. Second time for a boil order this year.

Next Saturday is our triathlon - swim, walk/run a 5K and bike ride 15 miles. We have been training since January when we agreed to do some outside exercise every Saturday when the temperature was in the double digits - quite a few times, it was just 10 degrees. Photo is of my training buddies.

Family, friends, church, wind, rain, baby birds outside - .

Much to be thankful for and much to concern us.

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